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HayGrazer Bag - Review

Product Description

The HayGrazer bag is a bag designed to act as a trickle feeder whilst being kinder on the horses teeth and neck muscles when compared to other smaller holed hay nets, it can carry approximately 7kg of hay and it is easy to carry and hang in the stable. It can be used in the stable, field or in lorries and trailers.

The bag comes in two different colours - Blue and Purple, it is made from a strong material with a mesh bottom which can be easily cleaned.

My Review

Last month I was luckily enough to be given a Haygrazer bag to review from Equine Innovations, now having two very cheeky welsh cobs I was very intrigued to see what they would make of it !

My cobs are like chalk and cheese - They have very different personalities !!

Charlie is quite nervy, is easily frightened and will go from calm to welsh dragon in a blink of an eye.

2 yr old Alfie is the very opposite, he is very bold, thinks everything if a great toy and wouldn't think twice about chewing an object.

Day 1

The Haygrazer bag is a new product to me and I have never used one before so the day the Haygrazer bag arrived I was keen to get it to the yard and test it out.

First impressions..

I really like the look of the bag, it looks really smart and professional and I like the fact that it has a webbed bottom which meant that dust will escape from the bottom, if I was to dampen my horses hay whilst in the Haygrazer bag any excess water could drain out the bottom.

Filling it was so much easier than the standard nets, once open it stayed open and was very quick and easy to fill.

I have a really busy lifestyle and I find myself always in a rush, school mornings are the worst as I need to quickly do my yard duties before heading home to get my child off to school and then heading off to work so I like anything that saves me time !

Hanging the Haygrazer bag

Initially I wasn't too sure how i was going to hang the bag up and a few others on the yard asked this very question... How do you hang it?

In the stable using each of the two side clips that were provided I attached the Haygrazer bag to two small loops of bailing twine which i had attached to the bars in my horses stable, this allowed the bag to be hung at a suitable height.

i was very careful that this was not too low so that my youngster could not get his leg caught in the bag, I found this worked well and my youngster was very happy to eat out of it, using the bailing twine ensured that in the case of an emergency the twine could easily break.

On the lorry I closed the top of the bag fully using one of the clips and again hung it from bailing twine.

Kind to Teeth

Being young our baby welsh D still has his little baby teeth and his front two incisors have very recently fallen out which has meant that he has found eating out of a small holed net was rather difficult.

I don't like to feed him from the floor as he wastes so much hay by trampling it into his bed or peeing all over it and with the very long winter we have had I cant afford to waste hay.

Recent studies have also suggested that feeding from small holed nets can cause damage to the horses teeth and also in some horse can cause neck problems from the repetitive yanking and pulling action needed to get hay out of the nets.

Due to the webbed front of the Haygrazer bag this reduces the chance of tooth damage because the holes are big enough for the hay to come out easily but it still acts as a trickle feeder.

I found it interesting that although I hung the Haygrazer bag at the back of my youngsters stable he chose to eat out of this net before going on to the smaller holed net so I do think he preferred to eat out of it.

Foraging Behavior

Natural behavior is a hot topic at the moment and most conscientious horse owner will want to try their best to fulfill all their horses needs..

Horses have been domesticated for a very long time and many will argue that nowadays that the way in which we keep our horses is far from natural, this may be true however...

the horses natural instincts and the design of the horses digestive system has not changed !!

The need to trickle feed remains essential to good digestive health and this is where the Haygrazer bag comes in to its own, the larger holes allows the horse to fulfill its hunger without the horse becoming frustrated but as then it will act as a trickle feeder prolonging feeding time.

On the Lorry

Not only does the Haygrazer bag look amazing whilst hanging from my lorry (It matches the colour perfectly) I like the fact that because the back of the bag is smooth and non abrasive that it will not rug the paintwork off my lorry like the typical standard nets.

When travelling we feed our older cob wet hay to keep the dust down and I find this very messy and when you are trying to keep nice and clean before you go into the ring its not ideal.

The Haygrazer bag is front feeding and enclosed on the sides which is great as there is barely any mess or wastage, it fits really well on top of our lockers and is less bulky than the standard net so it is easy to pass by when going from horse to horse.

Another plus is that our wet hay doesn't dry out too quickly in the sunshine when competing in the summer!

At Competitions

Due to the handy carry strap it is great for carrying to the stabling when your at away shows and aging because of the sealed side on the back you don't get covered in wet hay!

The Price

The Haygrazer bag retails at about £60 which when you look at the cost of a standard hay net may seem a little expensive but if you consider the lasting damage a standard small holed net can have to your horses teeth in the long run I think it is worth the extra.

Facing the cob test.... Has it survived?

I have had the Haygrazer bag for one month now ! I have used it more for my youngster to try to give it a good vigorous testing.

I was a bit dubious when I first left it in his stable as I was convinced that he would chew it but I have to say i'm rather surprised that he hasn't !! One month on and he didn't chew it.

All in all I like the product and find it particularly great to use at shows for when i'm out competing.



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