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It Takes a Village !!

Hi Everyone....

So here it is , I have decided to set up my very own website for all things equine !!

Its not that easy to decide what you should write about for your very first blog post...I sat thinking of the best way to start... Should I include:

- My first introduction to horses ?

- The first rosette ?

- The many horses that we have had over the years ?

- Finding Ilar Ceio (Our top welsh section d) ?

- Training ?

So after much deliberation I have decided to introduce you to the 'Behind the scene team' all of which allow me to do what I love which is training and competing Ilar Ceio ( It really does take a village)

Behind every rider is always a great Mum !!!

So many times I think of how lucky I am to have great support from my mother who plays the part of top Groom, Child Minder, Photographer, Life Coach and is that person that will give you a kick up the bum when you need it most !!

Top Trainer !!

My dressage trainer comes in all weathers including the snow to advise and help me to train Ilar Ceio... Without this expertise we couldn't have made so much progress over the years.

The Farrier

As the saying goes... No foot no Horse.... Well this is 100% true.

Our farrier keeps the boys hooves in top notch condition and will always be at the end of a phone if Ilar Ceio decides to take off his show the day before a competition !

The Vets

I have the most amazing vet who always gives the best advice and provided a very practical approach in terms of treatment to keep Ilar Ceio in tip top shape.

The Yard Crew

The guys down the yard are just amazing.. Always there to muck in and help look after the beloved ponies if you get stuck for any reason and listen to endless amounts of moans and groans if you have had a rubbish day... 'Always guaranteed to offer advise or make a cuppa when needed or if your in luck a biscuit too !!

Last of all, the stars of the show... The Horses !!

Ilar Ceio - It goes without saying I owe alot to Ilar Ceio !! He is the most brilliant pony who gives his heart to most things... He is possibly the clown on the yard with his mischievous ways but we wouldn't change him for the world !!

Alfie - New to the team is baby Alfie, at 2yrs old he has lots to learn but he has already showed he has plenty of welsh sass and character !!


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